RE: [discuss] Speculations about GNU/OpenSolaris

> Can anyone here see Red Hat or Novell or Canonical splitting
> their own
> R&D resources between multiple kernels? Does anyone see developers
> abandoning their Fedora or SuSE or Ubuntu communities for
> OpenSolaris?

Folks in Hardware talk of "forklift upgrades, where a existing installation is literally replaced with an equivalent - As though the while system was literally carted away on a pallet.

What is the possibility that open Solaris can be set up/ shimmed/ modified so that it can be "fork lifted" in place of either a Linux or a BSD kernel.

I would guess that one would have to Build-all using the headers of the desired kernel so that things could link up, but are their many or few systems calls that would need re-writing? Open has got to be very similar in all three for example.

If their was a way to do this you could see a mandrake style distro with any current Linux version renamed and distributed with the Open Solaris Kernel instead. Is their not a Ubuntu variant with a BSD kernel?