[discuss] formats, etc.

Well, why aren't they at least offering these materials in open
formats? What if a student doesn't have/can't afford M$Word? or
Powerpoint? or Flash for programming, etc.? If it looks like lockin,
it is lockin. The forthcoming generation of Ontario students will be
brainwashed into just MSWord, Powerpoint, Flash, etc., etc. and as
previously noted, most Ministry of Education, TDSB sites, etc. are
using IIS, etc. All courtesy of the taxpayer, of course.

About the Ontario Educational Resource Bank*
Sharing Resources

Teachers are the creative force behind the Resource Bank, and the key
to its growth. If you are an Ontario teacher, you can use the Resource
Bank to share your own original materials with colleagues across the
province – in almost any digital format.

In the Fall of 2006, e-Learning Ontario launched a Resource Bank
created specifically for the publicly funded school system. It is
available to school boards that are participating in the provincial
e-learning strategy. The Resource Bank contains more than 3,000
high-quality resources – such as lesson plans, student activities, and
multimedia objects – for Kindergarten through Grade 12. These
resources are:

* offered in convenient formats, such as MSWord, PowerPoint,
Portable Document Format (PDF), and Flash
* aligned with the Ontario curriculum
* organized by grade and by subject/course
* created by teachers (in most cases)
* derived from and designed for both the Public and Catholic systems
* provided at no cost to school boards
* easy to use.

For more information about using the Ontario Educational Resource
Bank, contact your local school board.

You may wish to read e-Learning Ontario policies ([Icon - pdf] 64KB)
about the Resource Bank.

* Ontario Educational Resource Bank is the name of the provincial
learning object repository.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is going to produce students who are
not only conversant in a much wider range of technologies, including
FLOSS, etc. that they will leapfrog any student coming out of
Ontario's system with just using propietary systems. Heck, even in
the U.S., the home of M$...look at what is happening in Texas, for