RE: [discuss] L'heure est au libre!: Vista, Network Neutrality, andCanadian Copyright revision...

> >> 'All Canadian Citizens are "Rights Holders"!'
> >>
> >> Does that mean I have no rights?
> I am not a Canadian, so you are implying that your web
> site has no
> relevance to me.

All Canadian Citizens have a bunch of rights that are codified in the Constitution act. They also have some more that come from common law. If you are not a Canadian citizen you can't access many of those rights through the constitution act. You may have equivalent rights based on your own status. From your website it appears that you may be connected with the UK. Since both Canada and the UK have a common base of historical law, you probably have some rights from the common base.

As far as relevance, courts in the "common Law" countries will use each others decisions as part of the logical analysis in cases. Canadian courts will look to Britain, Australia and the US. One assumes that British courts would do the same.

So "all Canadian Citizens are rights holders" "Non-Canadian Citizens may not have as many rights (in Canada) as Canadians" simple example, as a Canadian I have the right to remain in Canada, a non citizen who has outstayed their Visa does not.
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