[discuss] Erosion of access to public information/education, etc.

Well, the M$ grip on the government of Canada/Ontario continues
unabaited, in fact, possibly even speeding up!

Take a look at this new 'e-learning' site by the Minister of
education. In all it's .aspx glory or lack thereof. What? You're a
tax payer, who has paid for this (dearly) , and you want access to
this information? Sorry, you'll need a password, etc. Yep, public
education denied to anyone who doesn't login. Courtesy of M$ et al.


More examples of the lockin/lockdown of taxpayer funded education


And of course, this was posted today:


I do hope that the message will get out to all the parties (and the
grassroots) in the next election, that this slow, constant erosion of
access to information/systems etc., funded by taxpayers, should be
open at all times to all members of the public.
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