[discuss] Reuters: Novell could be banned from selling Linux: group

I'm wondering if anyone knows the source of the following Reuters


The claim is that the FSF is looking for ways to exclude Novell from
distributing Linux. I haven't seen anything directly from the FSF on
this, only quotes taken out of context and filtered through the media.
This could easily be a misinterpretation of months-old conversations
relating to the GPLv3 update. I have a hard time believing that the FSF
is interested in doing what this article claims they are, and the Moglen
quote seems to be taken entirely out of context.

Does anyone have anything more useful? This was also posted on
SlashDot, and I didn't see anything from glancing at the comments that
clarified -- just the standard Slashdot-style partisan political rants.

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant:
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