Getting certificates

As we hear more and more about DRM and other similar technologies, we encounter the need for certificates. Since this is the case, we, in supporting FL/OSS, should be aware that there is a Certificate Authority that is working within the movement. This is

What this means is that we can get free as in no cost certificates with which to add some security to our emails, webservers, code et cetera.

So how does one get these? It is a fairly simple process that depends on a "web of trust" between assurers and those wishing to get a certificate(s) which you can check out on the CAcert website.

There is a small problem that you may have to address manually and that is installation of the CAcert root certificate in your client, be it a browser or email client such as Thunderbird. In most cases, you can install into your broswer this via

Try it. you might like it.