[Bglug] December Meeting Synopsis

2006-12-07 15:00

Another great meeting. Thank you to Bruce, who literally brought EVERY
live boot linux CD to the meeting. Sorry I didn't have time to try them
all, but I did like Pentoo - a gentoo based distro focused on wireless
networking. I'll try it out tomorrow in the Home Depot parking lot ...

Remi and Bruce had an interesting discussion about music on linux.
Amarok (amarok.kde.org) is "the music player for Linux and Unix with an
intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than
ever before - and looks good doing it." Also check out www.last.fm:
"Listen to something new. Last.fm radio learns what you like and gets

Dan explained how to use smartctl to initiate a hard drive self-test and
read the on-drive log files.

Sterling talked about Scribus (www.scribus.net): "Scribus is an
open-source program that brings award-winning professional page layout
to Linux/Unix, MacOS X and Windows desktops with a combination of
"press-ready" output and new approaches to page layout." Sort of a
Pagemaker clone, but better.

Remi asked about text on a curved path in gimp. I thought this sounded
familiar, so I checked when I got home. The feature is in the unstable
2.3 release, but not the stable 2.2.

Peter - thank you for the magazines. I will share them at the January

see you all next year,