[Bglug] Massive Hardware Blowout Sale!

2006-12-07 15:00

We are making room for new inventory and everything must go!

This is not junk, all hardware advertised here is guaranteed to work, 100% or your money back. Lifetime warranty.

Be sure to check out these deals:

Free, AMD K6-2 350Mhz
Includues, ASUS Motherboard, CPU (with cooler), a whopping 196MB of ram, S3 Video, a D-Link Network adapter and a power supply. No chasis.

Free!, 2 6GB Fujitsu hardrives. These hardrives were manufactured before the infamous deffetive chip fiasco, great condition.

Free!, 2 4GB Fujistu harderives, same as above, just a bit less space.

Free, 2GB Seagate hard drive. I'm not entirely sure what useful purpose this one might have, but I'm sure there are many creative people who can think of something.

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