Re: [Bglug] setting up a computer at the United Way

2006-12-07 15:00

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On Fri, 08 Sep 2006 22:11:44 -0400
Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:

> Would anyone be interested in taking this on? I'm not sure if they'd
> want a full install, or just the Windows Open CD...
> ( if you don't know about it yet...)
> Yes we're still going to do an installfest with them as well, but ...
> you know ... baby steps and all. If you'd rather just throw this
> computer into the lot for the installfest, I can suggest that too.

I have no transport to Owen Sound to do this, but if there is high-speed
and vnc can be put on, I can do phone + show-and-tell support (and with
a microphone and appropriate software on their end, I could do it all
over high-speed--I haven't looked into the software for this, so I'd
need suggestions).

PS. I've added another idea to my mix of research possibilities, namely
detecting and dealing with catastrophic failures of large portions of
the distributed computing networks (think of the blackout of 2003 in a
distributed computing world).

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