5722 Votes

5722 Votes - Parkdale-High Park - 190/190 polls reporting

Peggy Nash - 20690
Sam Bulte - 18489

In 2004, Sam Bulte won Parkdale-High Park by 3521 votes. By shifting 5722 votes (more than any Toronto riding), I suspect that the copyright balance and fundraising issue played a role in the outcome.

While some will focus on the role of bloggers, the real story here (in addition to a strong NDP candidate and the national decline in Liberal support) is that Canadians, represented in this instance by the voters of Parkdale-High Park, sent a clear message that they are not comfortable with politicians who unapologetically trumpet their links to lobbyists, who promote one-sided copyright policies, and who denigrate those opposed to such views as zealots. [Michael Geist]