[discuss] I didn't know Maclean's was a humour magazine

Well, it doesn't claim to be. Yet this week's cover story, "The Internet
Sucks", is indeed unintentionally funny in a number of ways.

Indeed it seems that Macleans -- with its knee-deep entrenchment in Old
Media, a magazine that couldn't understand how to make a good website if
you sent a thousand volts through it(*) -- is one of the most
appropriate voices for such tripe. With its ranting about sexual
predators and copyright breakers around every cybercorner, it reads like
a stagecoach driver moaning about the smell of asphalt and the
instability of gasoline.

Does it deserve a letter to the editor? Or is a good healthy blog entry
-- one that Macleans can't censor -- more appropriate?

- Evan

(*) -- Hell, even its parent Rogers can't figure out the Internet --
faced with providing online services to its cable Internet subscribers,
the company was forced to outsource to Yahoo.
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