e-gov in Canada is a myth

Today I received two pieces of information. One was my copy of Computerworld in which there was an article about how Michigan aims to emulate Canadaś e-gov. The second piece of information was in a note from Russell McOrmond about the slow response to petitioning against Bill C-60.
So why bring it up? Because the government of Canada has declared that the petition be on paper! Apparently the rational is that only by using paper can the bureaucrats confirm authenticity of the presented document. What a crock. So much for e-gov.
Since we do have to deal with Bill C-60, I recommend you go to

and get on board. Well, unless you like the idea of others telling you what hardware and software you can own or, more simply, what software you can put on your box. Yes it's paper but let's get this out of the way so we can start teaching the goverment about digital signatures et cetera.