Re: [Bglug] A decision on Ubuntu (or Kubuntu)

2006-09-06 20:00

Well, at the risk of spreading discord, I'm moving rapidly into the
Mepis camp. (I still prefer Xandros myself, but I believe one should
not vote for one's pet distro.)

I've got Mepis 6.0 installed on my laptop and have been VERY impressed.
The default install comes with nearly everything I would look for in a
desktop OS; it seems to be the equal of Xandros in nearly every respect
and the superior in a few. (Superior: Mepis uses K3B and installs nVu
from repository. Inferior: Xandros supports winmodems, is easier to
configure for file sharing, and requires less RAM. I rate their package
managers as equally easy to use.)

I reinstalled Kubuntu on my test machine, and now can boot both it and
Ubuntu (recall that Ubuntu installed a nonfunctioning GRUB loader). So
I will start testing with them now. I must say, though, that Kubuntu
starts with three strikes against it. Its default web browser is
Konqueror, which I've found incompatible with some web sites. I was
astonished that it doesn't install any email client by default. And I
was not able to install either local or network printers.

I hope to have more to report by tomorrow's meeting.


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