[Bglug] A decision on Ubuntu (or Kubuntu)

2006-09-06 20:00

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Hi all,

I decided to take another look at Ubuntu because most of my information
was coming from the biased source of Debian mailing lists. I haven't
tried it to see what I think about it's stability, but I've done some
browsing and it looks like that the base install is stable (which, when
I think about it, makes sense because Ubuntu doesn't just take debian
unstable and use it unchanged; they do bug fixing). I also read the
Ubuntu website and browsed the developer mailing lists for flamewars.
The Ubuntu website is professional if perhaps a little too slick (overly
slick makes me suspicious of truth), and the developer mailing lists
seem to have civil discussions, mostly about technical issues. This is
a good sign.

I find debian seems to have a more hostile environment than I am happy
with and I looked at the projects I am currently working on which
revealed that I'm not involved in anything debian-specific ATM so I am
going to try Ubuntu on my server (once I get a part I need in order to
be able to use all the drives, which should be early next week) and
Kubuntu on my workstation.

I have to admit that I am impressed with the stated politics
(software freedom is claimed as a major component of what Ubuntu is
about) and the civil atmosphere I see on the mailing lists, which came
as a surprise (I had heard claims otherwise).

My vote will most likely go to Kubuntu unless my testing reveals flaws
that I find unacceptable or I learn from actually being subscribed to
the mailing lists that things are not as my current impression would
have them.

The other aspect of this is that, as a subscriber to several debian
mailing lists, I have become disenchanted with debian. It seems to be
hostile, and losing ground on the technical side as well.

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