State in India moves 1.5M students to Linux

Given the accounts on this site about the approach of Canadian politicians educational officials towards open source in the classroom, it's interesting to see what's happening elsewhere. A recent announcement indicates that the Indian state of Kerala is expediting a move to completely replace MS-Windows with Linux in its 12,500 high schools, serving about 1.5 million students.

It is not unexpected that such a broad move would trumpet out the old FUD of this move being anti-American or anti-commercial -- one US blogger says that Kerala is "killing the golden goose" with this move, by dissuading Microsoft from investing in the region because of its embrace of open source. The blog, which suggests the move was done because the state is "run by Communists", indicates that there are still plenty of folks out there who consider the encouragement fo open source to be "anti-capitalist".

However, some are getting a more accurate picture. In this Australian article, an interview with Kerala officials indicates that the state's were already 60% Linux.