[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 18, Issue 26

I mentioned this, about appearing on a bank site, mainly for the
following reasons:

(a) I often hear (in schools): "Nobody uses linux...so that's why we
don't use it..."

(b) I need to constantly refer to real world examples of where it is
used to combat this perception in the education field (and they still
don't get it...sigh).

(c) "We don't use linux for security reasons. Windows is the
standard, (and in the Toronto District School Board, Internet Explorer
5.0 is the 'standard', for 'security' reasons...so I'm constantly
being told.

(d) It'll be nice to point to bank site(s) when these tired excuses
are given to me yet again this year...

(e) I also have been using this tdbank site for years, using linux and
Mozilla with ne'er a problem. (And currently I am using Mandriva
2005, Ubuntu 6.06 and Knoppix 4.0, with Mozilla, Firefox, etc.)
Different kernels, different browsers, they all work, and I feel MUCH
better using them than using a Win/IE setup, which is the 'standard'
in schools, etc.)

Anyways, it is just nice to be able to point to bank site(s), and say:
"See? Even the banks using linux..." when trying to persuade teachers,
parents, students of more reasons to have linux in schools, etc.
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