[discuss] Linux "2.2" supported by TD Bank ;-)

>On Thursday 24 August 2006 12:59, Russell McOrmond wrote:
>> Not having a TD account I can't test, but I suspect if they were sent
>> feedback indicating that their site works on additional software that
>> they might include this in their test.
>I've been using TD Canada Trust's web banking for several years with
>It works with both Konqueror and Firefox without any isses whatsoever.
>> I doubt their site does (or can) interact with the kernel, so no idea
>> why that is mentioned. If they had just said "Linux" then that would
>> suggest an entire class of operating systems running the Linux kernel,
>> but if it works with the Linux kernel it will work with any *BSD,
>> Solaris or other FLOSS or non-FLOSS UNIX kernel running the relevant
>> application software.
>Don't knock 'em for not knowing their terminology. The website works very

>well. Email 'em to get it corrected, of course, but don't blast them for
>knowing that "2.2" doesn't mean anything. :-)

I have been using Linux with TDCanadaTrust for years as well. On that page
they list Redhat Linux 2.2, not just Linux 2.2, so I think they are
referring to Redhat EL 2 update 2. Just a guess.

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