[discuss] Copyright Board of Canada problem

In the Toronto Sun of 2006-08-17, there was an article by Kathleen
Harris, Ottawa Bureau, that stated that Stephen Callary, an appointee to
the post of vice_chairman and CEO of the Copyright Board of Canada has
abused his position with jet-set travel that has cost $55.000.00. There
is something wrong here. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and John
Williamson, federal director, are quoted as
"an astute observer will notice that the winter trips coincide with
southern destinations and the trips in the warmer months coincide with
travel to Europe, which is a disturbing trend."

This is the type of person that we are up against in trying to protect
our rights. Are we safe? How can we combat problems like this and get a
fair shake at the table?

G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech