[discuss] Linux in Japan update

Have returned from Japan with 2 linux magazines in tow (in Japanese,
of course! :-)). Will discuss after I have had some time to digest
some of it, but suffice it to say that linux is doing well in Japan...

Also, visited several bookstores in several large cities (Tokyo,
Kyoto, Osaka, Sendai, Himeji), and saw about a dozen O'Reilly books
that had been translated, two books on Blender, a couple of books on
Gimp, (as well as a Gimp magazine!? :-)), even a couple of recent
titles, about 450 pages each, on Povray, and many shelves of books on
Knoppix, Fedora, Gentoo, Suse, etc., in other words, most major
distributions have Japanese versions and books about them are on
bookstore shelves. I would say that the world's number two economy is
taking linux quite seriously...
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