[discuss] May GOSLING use this list for "Canada wide" discussions?

The Ottawa chapter of GOSLING http://www.goslingcommunity.org/ is
currently discussing some list reorganization of mailing lists, given
the Ottawa chapter list is growing. The list has become a mixture of
an extension of the Ottawa Gaggles (face to face meetings of GOSLINGS),
a Canada-wide forum for "Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments",
and a list where specific projects are coordinated.

One option is to create a Canada-wide GOSLING list, but my preference
has always been to simply make better use of existing public (open to
public and publicly archived) mailing lists. I believe that this
general discussion list is ideal, and the mixing of GOSLING and CLUE
discussions would work perfectly.

In the past we pointed to one of the CanOpenER.ca mailing lists, but
for reasons I don't understand that list has largely been empty (with me
initiating many of the recent threads).

Thoughts? Agreement? Disagreement?

Thank you.

Russell McOrmond
CLUE Policy Coordinator
GOSLING co-coordinator (private sector)

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