[discuss] Open For Organizations

Hey there,

We just received an introductory email from Steve Purkiss who is
actively build Open For Organizations http://plan.open4.org/ in the
Kingston area. I've given the Business Plan a read and thought that
CLUE members would likely be very interested in this project. Also,
I'd like to explore CLUE's involvement in this project as well. It
would seem that we have a common set of values.

I provide for you here the Executive Summary from the site:

open for organizations exists to promote the ideals of freedom.

open for organizations' mission is to provide opportunities for
greater innovation and efficiency through open, unrestricted, and
unconditional means to conducting business. This includes open access
to technology, information, people, and working space.

By removing traditional barriers to conducting business, such as
isolation, expensive technology and unaffordable office space, small
to medium sized companies are free to grow unimpeded.

We envision a world in which human innovation knows no bounds; a world
in which individuals are free to explore, to imagine, and to create.
Unfettered by unnecessary rules, regulations, and institutions,
individuals are free to join to create new ideas.

The industrial age is over, along with "command and control"
management and centralized corporations. The new creative generation
is a decentralized network of innovators, compelled by a clear sense
of identity and attracted to a common purpose. They are mobile – they
think global and act global.

open for organizations will be at the centre of this new market,
matching technologists with artists; business executives with
Core Values

Awareness of open solutions is half the battle for organisations
struggling with software start-up costs and technological obsolescence
and incompatibility. open for organizations plays a key role in
teaching SMEs the benefits of open solutions.

open for organizations plays a matchmaking role between open service
providers and SMEs who can make use of their services.

open for organizations encourages and facilitates creative thinking
from all parties involved.

Please feel free to register on their site and provide feedback directly.

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