[discuss] discuss Digest, Vol 17, Issue 10

See if you can obtain the CTMI document for principals, that they are
required to read, agree to, and sign before CTMI enters the
school.  I think you'll find it to be very interesting reading.

Further, I believe in choice.  If M$ works for some staff, then so
be it, let them use it (and suffer all the problems that go with
it).  However, if some staff want to use linux/FLOSS/etc. and they
are willing to do all their own support, then why not?  I find
forcing me to use M$ is just as unacceptable as me trying to force
someone to use linux.  Use the tools that work for you, not
someone else.  This is my main point, and the main problem. 
I do not force people to use linux, and I'm expecting the same
treatment/courtesy.  I do not expect to be forced to use inferior
tools when better (in every way, whether it is cost, flexibility,
security, reliability, etc.) is available.  Does this not make
infinite sense?

I think the TDSB is going back in time, rather than forward, and to go
along with outdated modes of thinking,  based on such nebulous
reasons as "amalgamation", etc. is dubious at best.  There are
obviously much larger organizations doing a much better job, and I
think that should be the focus for improving, rather than downgrading
systems in schools.  Prepare students for the future, not the past.