[discuss] Ottawa-Carleton District School Board and FLOSS

For those following the story about the Linux lab that was dismantled
from a Toronto school, the latest article that is a letter from Laura
McAlister, Superintendent of Curriculum, Ottawa-Carleton District School

Educational Community BLOG topic (most recent stories are related to
the Linux lab):

An ITBusiness.ca reporter is currently in the process of researching
this story, so if anyone else knows more they should let us know so we can
pass this on to her.

I have written to the Chair of the Toronto school board, as well as the
superintendent, trustee and principal for Monarch Park Collegiate. I have
not yet received a reply from these Toronto board and school officials.

The FLOSS community should note that the Ottawa-Carleton District School
Board is interested in expanding the use of FLOSS applications, and that
they are interested in our help. I'm pretty confident that there will be
many people in our community willing to offer help to local schools and
school boards. I suspect that we will be able to help coordinate part of
this work as part of the Adopt program with CLUE

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