Cleaning Up Copyright

Cleaning Up Copyright - With both prospective Canadian Heritage Ministers accepting copyright
lobby cash (see The Sad Reality of Copyright Policy In Canada, Campaign Contributions, Tipping Point, That's What Friends Are For) and the funders making it clear that they are in the market for more (see Business As Usual), it is time to clean up copyright in Canada.  The election campaign provides the perfect time to do so.  The short term solution
is obvious - Bulte should cancel the January 19th fundraiser and apologize to her constituents and the Canadian public.

The longer term solution was hinted at in Jack Kapica's article in the Globe that is referenced on Bourque.  Kapica argued that:

"Should the outcome of the election be favourable for the morally besieged Liberal Party, perhaps leader Paul Martin should consider rewarding Ms. Bulte's hard work and loyalty with a different portfolio entirely, if only to show that Canadians won't dance to every tune the Americans wish to play and charge us for."

I would go further.  I think the party leaders should take a Copyright Pledge.  It would hold that:

No Member of Parliament who has accepted financial contributions or other benefits from (i) a copyright lobby group, (ii) its corporate members, or (iii) senior executives as well as (iv) a copyright collective shall serve as Minister of Canadian Heritage or as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, nor sit on any legislative committee (parliamentary or standing committees) conducting hearings or deliberations on copyright matters.

The time has come to clean up Canadian copyright policy.  Martin, Harper, and Layton should take the Copyright Pledge. [Michael Geist]