Linux on Lenovo PCs

Many of you may have seen an article in CRN Online yesterday stating that Lenovo was dropping support for Linux on the Lenovo and ThinkPad branded PCs. Lenovo has now denied dropping Linux.

The original article is available at CRN Online.

The correction article is available at ZDNet Australia.

Update! - Here is the official statement from Lenovo:

Lenovo maintains its commitment to Linux distributions and the Linux community at large. Through the independent testing and certification of ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and Lenovo 3000 product lines as well as the close collaboration with industry leaders such as ATI and Intel - Lenovo continues to take steps to ensure Linux can be deployed in a manner consistent with customer needs. In fact, over the coming months this commitment will be strengthened even further as new capabilities and support emerge.

In addition, as part of a continued close partnership with IBM, a host of offerings are available to assist customers in the assessment, testing, deployment and support of Linux distributions.

For more information and a listing of Linux distributions certified on Lenovo hardware, please visit: