Re: [discuss] don't use lengthy text strings for displayed links please

On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 18:02 -0400, G. Matthew Rice wrote:
> Evan Leibovitch writes:
> > > There's always tinyurl, shorturl, ...
> > >
> > Doesn't help. The problem isn't in the length of the URL but the text
> > between and . If that is a long, unbreakable "word", most
> > browsers will scroll to acommodate. Thus the longer and unshrinkable
> > middle column.
> >
> > Going to tinyurl is only useful here if you care about reading the raw
> > HTML or really want to use the URL in the displayed text.
> Wasn't Bill's problem a URL _as_ the text? Anything in a language
> (ie. English, French, ...) would have spaces and would break up properly on
> the page.

Yup. An extra long line. He cut and pasted it so it had no spaces on
which to break.
G. Roderick Singleton
PATH tech