TLUG Meeting

2006-04-11 19:30
2006-04-11 21:30

Special Feature

We'll also be having a short talk on TCCP, a non-profit colocation
project in the GTA.

Main Topic

Slony-I Replication for PostgreSQL


Christopher Browne


Slony-I is an asynchronous replication system for PostgreSQL supporting
multiple replicas "fed" by a single master. Special capabilities include
the ability to shift the master node (to support maintenance), to
abandon the master in favor of a replica in case of failure, as well as
to add additional replica nodes.

Essential topics covered include:

* What is Slony-I?
* What are the sorts of use cases where it works well? Where is
its use contraindicated?
* How Slony-I works
* Slony-I Concepts - Clusters, Nodes, Replication Sets
* Installing Slony-I
* Configuring a first Slony-I Node
* Adding Nodes to a Cluster
* Adding Tables to a Cluster
* Manipulating Replication Sets
* Failover and Moving Set Origins


Room GB244, Galbraith Building, University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G8
University of Toronto