Membership Policies

  1. The unit of Membership in CLUE is the individual. While there is a method to accommodate participation by corporate organizations, there is no such thing as “corporate members” of CLUE.

  2. All Members will have equal privileges in relation to their status within the Corporation; there are no “non-voting memberships”. Specific designations of Board seats reserved for the various categories of memberships may be defined during CLUE's Bylaw-revision process.

  3. All Members and sponsors must explicitly acknowledge and agree to support:

    • The Vision of CLUE to nurture a Canadian Information Technology environment which promotes collaborative innovation as well as open standards and the rights of consumers.

    • The Mission of CLUE to promote the use and development of free, open source software

  4. Except for Employee Members, memberships are not transferable.

  5. Employee Memberships remain with the sponsor, who will designate the individuals serving as Members

  6. Professional Members will be required to agree to a Code of Ethics. Employee members, especially those representing IT vendors, will be encouraged to agree to this Code.

  7. CLUE will develop various graphics which members will be allowed to use on websites, business cards, etc.

  8. Existing registrants in the CLUE “membership” database (including those who are currently using the email alias) will be offered a 20% discount on obtaining a paid membership for three months from the launch of the Membership Campaign. After three months, the discount will drop to 5%. After none months, use of the email alias will be removed from anyone who has not obtained paid membership.

  9. Members will receive at least two email notifications of the anniversary (renewal) of their memberships; Sponsors will receive invoices by email or postal mail depending on preference.

  10. CLUE will attempt to make agreements with affiliate groups who currently charge memberships, to develop discounted joint memberships.

  11. All memberships will last for one year, except in the case of Foundation Members, whose membership lasts for their lifetime. After a grace period of one month, member privileges will be revoked and renewal will be done at the “new member” dues.

  12. CLUE will establish and maintain separate Advisory Councils for Professional and Employee Members, and the Executive Director is charged with ensuring that the concerns and issues of interest to these Councils are address, when necessary bringing such issues to the Board.