CSIA Members

CSIA Members

The following open source companies and professionals are members of the Canadian software innovation alliance, and support copyright laws that supports the to create interoperable systems, reverse engineer, and conduct security research.

Membership is open to any company or organization that develops, maintains, or depends on open source software.

Open Source Companies

Red Hat
Bob Young

Roaring Penguin

Wireless Nomad Co-Op
Steve Wilton

FLORA Community Consulting,
Russell McOrmond

OpenConcept Consulting, Mike Gifford

Xelerance Corporation, Michael Richardson

Tucows Inc., Joey DeVilla

Sandelman.ca, Michael Richardson

Openflows Networks Ltd. Jesse Hirsh

Openject Consulting, Colan Schwartz

Naoi Technologies, Bill Traynor

Guided Vision, David Numan

PATH tech, G. Roderick Singleton

Open Selection, G. Roderick Singleton

Open Enterprise Solutions, http://www.openenterprise.ca, Johnny Stork

Open Computing, http://www.opencomputing.ca, Chris Jezovnik

Open Source Software Supporters

Canadian Linux Users Exchange (CLUE)

Electronic Frontier Canada

Prof. David Jones

Creative Commons Canada, Marcus Bornfreund, Managing Director

Telly.org, Evan Leibovitch

Ronald J. Deibert, Director, The Citizen Lab, http://www.citizenlab.org/