Note: A new website has been launched at softwareinnovation.ca. This is a historical page from 2005.


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Who can join the CSIA?

Professional open source developers, consultants and service providers; businesses and other organizations that develop or service open source software; businesses and other organizations that use a substantial amount of open source software; open source and Linux user groups (entire group as a single entity, rather than individual members one at a time); nonprofit organizations and community groups that also advocate for open-source software.

Who speaks for the CSIA?

The CSIA's spokesperson for the CSIA is Bob Young, founder of Red Hat software- but he's a pretty busy guy. For media contacts, more information, or to join, get in touch with the appropriate person listed on our contact page.

Great project! How can I help?

If you are an open-source professional or work with a business organization that develops or uses open source software, we encourage you to join the CSIA. On top of that, anyone willing to contribute some time and expertise is encouraged to contact us to discuss ways to get involved and to help achieve the objectives of the CSIA.

How can my business or organization join the CSIA?

Contact us, and we will add you to the membership list. It does not cost anything to join, and there is no additional obligation to give time or money to the operation of the CSIA - just add your voice.

How can I get a copy of the white paper?

The CSIA white paper - the document outlining what we stand for as an organization - will soon be available on our web site at the address www.Linux.ca/CSIA/whitepaper.

How can I get a copy of the green sheet?

The CSIA green sheet - a document explaining the rights open source developers have under the Canadian Copyright Act - is available on our web site at the address www.Linux.ca/CSIA/green sheet.

Is Bill C-60 dead?

Bill C-60 is dead - it died with the fall of the last government. However, the issues Bill C-60 addressed continue to attract attention. The current Parliament can addess those issues with new legislation.

When is the new copyright reform bill coming out?

No one knows for sure, but we guess we'll see something within 2006.

I think open source is great, can I join the CSIA on my own as an individual?

The CSIA is a coalition of open source businesses and organizations. The individual efforts of open source programmers and enthusiasts are important, but we feel than they are best directed through open-source organizations such as local Linux users groups, or through Online Rights Canada, a partner in the CSIA initiative.