Census now available to Linux Users.

It would seem that the right thing has been done:

More Political and Policy Advocacy

The census debacle is illustrative of how entrenched propietary software is in our public servvice. My question now becomes, "How much money is changing hands?"

We have an obligation to ourselves and our countrymen to try to ensure there is no re-occurrance of this problem. We have an obligation to enusre that our public servants work for our benefit and not their owm. Perhaps we can get our pariliamentarians to have a look at the deparmental budgetary processess and ensure the bureaucrats are working for our benefit. One way would be to make purchase of proprietary software a "show cause" where there are alternatives. Imagine public servants obliged to do the right thing or be fired.

Canadian Census controversy continues

Canadian Census controversy continues - Linux User Groups (LUG) and Canadian elected officials are responding to the news that the Canadian online census forms block free software users from participating. Last week's story helped uncover the fact that the software used for the online census seems to violate several government policies and treaties. [Newsforge]

Canadian 2006 Census - A Lack of Standards Compliance

Canadian 2006 Census - A Lack of Standards Compliance - The Vancouver Linux User Group (VanLUG), in conjunction with other Linux user groups from across Canada, is co-ordinating an effort to draw attention to the 2006 Census web site's lack of standards compliance and to the detrimental effect this has on the ability of Canadians to participate in the census.
Please also read followups to Critical policy failures of the Canadian online Census for more detailed information.
[Digital Copyright Canada]

Canadian census debacle

Canadian census debacle -
contains a lively debate about the Canadian Census vs open source. is another review of the situation.
I too am very frustrated with the situation. As soon as I realized that the
Java applet involved was in fact Entrust's TruPass, I realized what had

Critical policy failures of the Canadian online Census

Critical policy failures of the Canadian online Census - I have seen this issue covered in a variety of locations, and is being discussed in a number of different forum. On Thursday there was a Newsforge article by Bruce Bayfield with the headline "Canadian online census discriminates against FOSS". A few citizens have written letters to their member of parliament about this embarrassment to Canada.
I thought I would weigh in on this issue as a technical, policy and security consultant.

32 Years Ago...

It was May 15, 1974. The Merritt Conference Room on the Third Floor of Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. About two dozen guys had responded to a notice from Lou Katz and Reidar Bornholdt. It was headed:


The "meeting" began at 10:30am and ran till about 5pm. The big feature was "Ken Thompson Speaks."

At a time, over 30 years later, where there are well over 100 Linux
User Groups in Canada, and I can't count how many UNIX (BSD or OS X), and FLOSS groups there are worldwide, this may not seem like much. But it was, indeed, the acorn from which we have all sprouted.

Linux at the SHARE user group meeting in Seattle

SHARE is the North American user group for users of IBM mainframe (aka System z) servers. SHARE (not an acronym, it is what we do) has a very active Linux program covering Linux in general and Linux on mainframes. SHARE has two meetings per year and I made two presentations at SHARE this week in Seattle.

Open Computing and Linux provides an overview of Open Computing and Linux from the "IBM point of view".

Linux on IBM System z provides an overview of virtualization and server consolidation and how Linux on System z can be used in this environment.

An Introduction

I guess I should have done this first but better late than never.

Sometime ago, I was invited to be a policy coordinator, working for CLUE to advance political awareness. My focus will be on the provincial government and policy. This requires collaborating with other CLUE members on other levels of government as well.

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