Special information for existing holders of linux.ca email aliases

As CLUE moves forward to accomplish its goals of representing the views of the open source community to policy makers and to the public at large, we are becoming a paid-membership organization starting in June 2006. As a result, the following changes are taking place:

  • Effective immediately, CLUE will no longer be offering free-of-charge email aliases. The aliases will become a benefit to be enjoyed by paying members of CLUE, and will be enhanced for the benefit of those who prefer to use the domain "cluecan.ca" instead of "linux.ca". Both aliases will be available for paid CLUE members.

  • Existing holders of CLUE email aliases will have the opportunity to become paid members of CLUE at $10 off the regular dues.

  • After February 1, 2007 the discount will be reduced to $5.

  • After March 31 2007, aliases of anyone who has not yet become a paid member will be deleted and made available to new members.

We hope that our supporters over the years understand the costs of providing a proper policy advocacy for the open source community, and choose to stay in the CLUE community as paid members.

In mid-June we will be notifying all email alias holders of this new policy.

Thanks for your support!